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Fruits and Vegetables are from European Union or USA.

Delifood could adjust your order according the availability of the suppliers.

Whit Garlic Bulk 1 Pce

Pineapple 1 Pce

Apple Gala 1 Kg

Avocado 1 Kg

Banana 1 Kg

Basil Basket

Carot Bulk 1 Kg

Carot Organic - 1 Kg

Celery 1 Pce

Cabbage 1 Pce

Lemon Yellow 1 Pce

Green Lemon 1 Pce

Spring Onion

Clémentine - 2.5kg

Cucumber 1 Pce

Coriander / Cilantro Basket

Zucchini 1 Kg

Shallot - 250 Gramme

Shallot Bulk 1 Kg

Ginger 1 Pce

Meloon By One 1 Pce

Onion Bulk 1 Kg

Orange 1 Kg

Orange Fillet 2 Kg

Parsley Basket

Peer 1 Kg

Leek 1 Pce

Red Pepper 1 Kg

Green Pepper 1 Kg

Red Pomelo 1 Pce

Potatoes - Fillet 2.5kg

Golden Apple 1 Kg

Apple Granny Smith 1 Kg

White Grapfruit - Organic 500g

Red Grapfruit - Organic 500g

Red Grappfruit 1 Kg

Salade Romaine X3 - Pièce

Cherry Tomato - 250g

Tomatoes - Guadeloupe 1 Kg

Tomato 1 Kg

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